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From gay marriage to the debate over restrictive state laws, LGBT issues are at the forefront of current events. Outside politics, though, the gay community has also made a huge impact on the business world.

Meet The World's LGBT Billionaires

Several extremely rich businessmen, businesswomen, and entrepreneurs are members of the LGBT community. Some of these billionaires who are gay or lesbians inherited their fortunes, while other LGBT billionaires are self-made successes.

Among other gay billionaires on this list, you'll find entertainment moguls including David Geffen. Industry News. India Markets closed.

Meet The World's LGBT Billionaires

Chaitra Anand. Yahoo India Finance 10 July What to read next. The Indian Express. This turned out to be true of my gay friends from college and high school.

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One aspect of gay male culture, for whatever reason, seems to be an almost Victorian obsession with tidiness. So, not only can they afford nicer-looking property, but they also want it.

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I'm pretty sure gay men are somewhat overrepresented from their percentage in the general population in fields like arborism, architecture, interior design, and fashion, etc. Gay white men, because of their protected status, are able to be a bit more bold about keeping out racial minorities, who tend to put less effort into the appearance of their neighborhoods.

The pervasive racism among gay men in the fashion and perfume industries, for example, is well-documented. The types of people who let their neighborhoods look like crap often hold anti-gay sentiments, and aren't exactly eager to move to places they perceive as heavily populated by homosexuals. What are you, gay?

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Gay men are less likely to consider their spouses exclusive and for life see that FAQ put out by the Census Bureau, linked above , meaning they end up spending more time attracting a partner hah, I almost typed "mate". Making the outside of your home look nice may be one way for a gay man to show that he is desirable. Dating women is expensive.

It is still the norm that the man pays. With gays that doesn't really apply.

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Men's average wage is more than women's average wage. Hence an average couple with two guys will earn more than an average couple with a man and a woman and more again than an average household with two women.

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Is this still true in ? If so, it certainly isn't true of all groups of men. Black men, for example, tend to earn less than black women. Haven't been able to listen to the podcast yet so I don't know if this is covered, but I would guess that higher educated, richer socio-economic groups are more likely to be tolerant towards different sexualities than lower-educated, poorer groups.

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Hence poorer gay people may be more inclined to conceal their sexualities than richer gay people. You've got to be kidding! What we need to see in the media are images of REAL gay men--the ones who don't go to the gym, the ones who are not "pretty boys" but instead just average ordinary men trying to get by. Please see my YouTube: The gay rights movement would do itself a huge favor by placing a priority on changing the way gay people are depicted in the media.

If the rest of America got the impression that gay men watch football, mow their lawns, go to church, and are grossed out by the idea of nude yoga you know, just like normal people are , it would remove the assumption that gay people are out to change--rather than participate in--the institution of marriage.