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I welcome it. I have absolutely no problem with it. I belong to an agency in Australia called Silver Fox Management.

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They came across me through social media, and I accepted. I created my own brand, Anthony Varrecchia Limited, with apparel and accessories. I have big plans down the road. I also belong to a few agencies and hope to continue to do more print work and travel. Seeing myself on two billboards and countless ads all over New York City and on the side of a bus has just blown my mind.

Photography by Wilsonmodels. Inside the Colorful World of Urine. More in Culture: Follow us. My dogs. How appropriate!

Ya know I know Anthony. I want to be clear that we're not friends but I have met him more than a few times. What's with all of the nastiness? I have seen another thread about the porn actor Rogan Richards which does the same thing. It was so bad that Rogan himself posted on the thread.

I know that some of you don't like either guy but I feel that you naysayers are just simply jealous. From what I know about Anthony he's a nice older man who is in fantastic shape.

I've always had pleasant conversations with him and I am an admirer of his work. You too can be like him or a better version of yourself if you went to the gym or better yet, became a Personal trainer. Why do you have a need to want to try to rip him to shreds? In what I know about him he is someone who could be a role model for many people.

You write of them as lepers. You say you admire Anthony's work, but what is his work exactly besides posting endless selfies on social media? He's a hooker, r To queens like R, that's the gay male equivalent of saying he discovered the cure for cancer, or he's a rocket scientist, or he's Nobel Laureate. In the bizarro world of DL, hookers, porn stars and drug addicts are held in highest esteem. He's a model, a Personal Trainer, and addition to personal training I think he does work for that chain gym too.

Well, I didn't know about that R But, if R is correct then Anthony wouldn't be too successful at it, right? Rent and other bills need to be paid Maybe in gay ghettos, being a PT is regarded as glamorous, but the reality is far different. It depends upon what your own goals and ambitions are, R Anthony wants to be a top international model and actor. His job to pay the bills allows him the flexibility to go on casting calls and go-sees.

If it's covering his living and he is happy with it then I don't understand your distaste. He recently tried a KickStarter to launch his own T-Shirt line. I don't know if it was successful or not but what I did see of them they were quite nice. I don't know how much he makes but he is a working model.


There aren't many who can claim that. This guy Anthony Varrecchia is a prostitute though he does bareback and probably has infected other people who paid for sex with him and made the choice not to use condoms with a new strain of HIV or other STDs. If this guy is such a fame whore that he literally plasters his face on Instagram and other social media sites way too much and believes this will make him a top model, body builder, etc. And, you know this how? Is it possible that he could post a "rent" ad just to get further noticed?

He does have a good mix of gay and mainstream work but his portfolio is mostly gay oriented. So, if he is aware that others are like you, himself, and many others, who really just look at the pictures of the ads for the most part, and have no plans to make use of his escort services, then why not? I mean, if I were a photographer and I had a quick deadline for let's say He would have leaped-frogged over a number of male models out there! Of course Facebook is a platform where you can either speak your mind, be creative or to make it your own. Your personality shines through and gives an insight of who you are.

And although at times I do get on my soapbox politically which is very rare because if I'm passionate about something I speak my mind. Mostly it's for creativity it's for me it's a platform for me to express myself and images and music which is very important to me. I always say "family, friends and friends unknown. I never post to say hey look at me. My posts are to simply inspire be creative and to express myself. I receive so many messages from people that are amazing and very touching to me and his letters just a very humbling.

I'm Anthony a guy from Staten Island who is a good kid growing up with three sisters and a single parent. I try to be the best that I can be with A new career that I'm working on. But I received one letter that touched me so much it really affected me and I want to share it with you.

To be able to touch someone's life like that someone who I don't know really makes me feel so grateful I am the person that I am. This was a gift. Dude seriously, give it up. Nobody cares that you're this much of a fame whore narcissistic that's a puta and roided out muscle queen. I did not verbally praise Julie Andrews. Your memory sucks. Another thing that you failed to scribe on your memory of us is the fact that you asked ME if you could wear MY Madonna shirt.

Without underwear. I was taken a back. And then I took you. On your back. Your memory is a sad commentary on your mental state- do you not recall that I had to threaten to call the cops because you would NOT leave my loft? You insisted that I give you MY precious coffee cupand a kiss. Listen, next time you text me, I am a going to call the cops. I mean it. Now, get your sorry little skinny ass over here. Is he still escorting on rentmen. I wonder how good the market is for an older guy like him.

R yes she's still a puta, only now she's on the west coast. I wonder how long before she does bareback porn? A roided out guy that's a power bottom that's POZ who has used a lot of drugs is never hot or sexy.

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Look at the pics of the sad queen, he's a total narcissist and all the drugs and tattoos, and his boring attitude make him anything but hot or sexy, R Anthony at R what's there to be jealous of? You also basically live on Instagram and other social media as you're that much of a narcissist. He also claims to be 49 but who is he kidding? He's a lot older and you just know he'll start doing BB porn as a cum dump bottom taking loads from as many men as he can. Those are some pretty harsh charges R If you know him that would be one thing, but if you don't, you really shouldn't be talking out of your ass and spreading untrue rumors.

I say one should wear whatever they want and what makes them comfortable. For those that don't like it you just keep on walking on by. He looked like shit walking the runway for Marco Marco. He's definitely one of those guys who's quite photogenic and looks much better in pics than he does in person. His body is really oddly shaped. R the link works fine, if it does not work for you for some reason look up Samsonsthename on the rent men site. No they are not harsh charges, you're daft if you believe this queen Anthony is NOT into drugs, barebacking, etc.

He's got extremely low self esteem and thinks he's a model when he's just good for BB porn where he gets gang banged by lots of dudes raw. Pornstar Info Physical Age: Muscular Body Hair: Hairy Orientation: Ask me Ethnicity: Caucasian Profile Visits: Aug 29, Available For: It would be a hoot if the IRS would audit this hot mess.

Bitch would be peeing in her designer drawers, no doubt.

Sad old gays part 2

Who would buy or wear anything that sad queen designs? He's just some roided up Insta-ho that is a lower rate wannabe model, who makes most of his money from taking poz loads up his ass while he is on drugs. I feel bad for whoever has the unfortunate experience of having sex with him.